Is Pilates for you?

Ace Women’s Fitness Specialist, Sports Nutritionist, Rehab Master Trainer, Barefoot Specialist- Priya Roongta decodes Pilates for you, on the sidelines of Namrata Purohit’s Studio Launch in Gurgaon. It is a form of exercise, which concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength. It helps  improve general fitness and overall well-being.  It concentrates on posture, Continue Reading

Organic Skincare this Summer

Pollution, dust, stress and crazy (read, an absence of) work-life balance- are just some of the things that make us want to hate our skin breakouts in summer. There was a time when we celebrated and cared for our skin without moving out of the kitchen, ie: with naturally available products such as turmeric, cream, Continue Reading

All you Wanted to Know about Beauty Treatments

I am all for a healthy life, against ageism and of course, a believer in beauty is skin deep- but do love to have a spotless, healthy skin! There, all disclaimers intact, let’s broach the topic of beauty treatments. I  was recently at the ISAAC International Skin and Anti Ageing Centre, one amongst the 5 spread across Delhi, Continue Reading

Quick Skincare Fix, anyone?

I recently attended a beauty masterclass. Yes, turn my age and you’ll start believing in even voodoo magic, for age reversal and this was a workshop by a dermatologist, so why not? Do you agree? ‘Whats’ wrong with home made beauty remedies? I ask the dermatologist, ‘Nothing, she replies coolly, only that they are not on their own, Continue Reading