Organic Skincare this Summer

Pollution, dust, stress and crazy (read, an absence of) work-life balance- are just some of the things that make us want to hate our skin breakouts in summer. There was a time when we celebrated and cared for our skin without moving out of the kitchen, ie: with naturally available products such as turmeric, cream, lemon, to name a few. Hard pressed for time now, all that has also seen a full stop. So, when you hear of an organic range of beauty care and skin care products- coming out with a campaign on #CelebrateBathing, you disregard it as another live-today die-the-next-second, hashtag. That is, till you are Continue Reading

All you Wanted to Know about Beauty Treatments

I am all for a healthy life, against ageism and of course, a believer in beauty is skin deep- but do love to have a spotless, healthy skin! There, all disclaimers intact, let’s broach the topic of beauty treatments. I  was recently at the ISAAC International Skin and Anti Ageing Centre, one amongst the 5 spread across Delhi, where cosmetic and clinical dermatology under trained dermatologists is finding new takers as I type.  Beauty chat with the Dr Geetika Curious about what were the most popular treatments  at the centre- I ask. The answer-Laser hair reduction and removal- by men and women, no surprises there with Continue Reading

Quick Skincare Fix, anyone?

I recently attended a beauty masterclass. Yes, turn my age and you’ll start believing in even voodoo magic, for age reversal and this was a workshop by a dermatologist, so why not? Do you agree? ‘Whats’ wrong with home made beauty remedies? I ask the dermatologist, ‘Nothing, she replies coolly, only that they are not on their own, sufficient for mitigating the damaging and harmful effects of urban living on the skin!’  Ok, point taken, in that case then, what three products would she recommend for a woman who has no time (case in point, moi) to do herself up every second day? ‘A good Continue Reading

Shahnaz Husain’s beauty hacks to counter Pollution’s ill effects!

Skin is one of the first organs to bear the brunt of air pollutants, which not only attack the skin surface, but also lead to an accumulation of toxins. In fact, they are potent skin irritants. There are both long and short term effects of pollutants. Firecrackers during Diwali also added to the chemicals in the air, which are potent skin irritants.  Chemical pollutants cause oxidation damage and this can lead to the manifestation of premature ageing signs on the skin, like wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dark patches and spots, etc. Chemical pollutants also disrupt the normal balances of the Continue Reading