A Historical Evening at The Book Shop

An evening with William Dalrymple -historian, writer, curator, critic. An exploration of Koh-i-Noor, and why it continues to remain something that both nations and individuals deeply care about.  The fact that The Book Shop in the Jor Bagh market is a quaint, little (literally) charming, overflowing with books, shop; mandated a registration and a curated guest list for the event! A meeting the writer, curator, critic, historical narrative writer and history revivalist, William Dalrymple was on the cards. Once there, in his signature white cotton or is it mull…Pathani suit, he was greeted by an impromptu  applause, also for his arrival on time, Continue Reading

A Personal, Global History

There’s something about a book borne out of a promise at a social meet. Such as the one, that stemmed out of Moin mir’s catching up with the publisher.  The book, a 200+ -pager, Surat –Fall of a Port, Rise of a Prince, Roli Books, unearths nuggets of Surti history, previously unheard of, – charting the course of the east India company and its machinations in their dealings with the nawabs and rulers of Surat.  Mirroring the Past… The Portuguese and the Dutch stamp on Surat finds negligible mention except perhaps at the book’s nascent stage.  Surat- a port that held commercial maritime promise squashed Continue Reading

Cooking by the Book!

#TheInsiderFood When I have two things to cook – I choose the main course and dessert! And you? I find cooking therapeutic and when a pre-teen is at home to help you around, it’s a job done in a jiffy! On the menu Kung Pao Fish Brazilian Brigadeiros My only substitute was for the Hoisin sauce… Leave a comment if you want to know what! It’s simple as hell! The next one is going to be- Tiramisu style Nutella Mousse! The book is courtesy @rolibooks and have to say I am loving it! But, no substitute for the chef’s imagination…agree? Continue Reading