An Irani Cafe Must do!

The SodaBottleOpenerwala Experience The moment you enter this concept restaurant and bar, a.k.a a Bombay Irani Cafe, you are in a  quaint time capsule. Full marks to architect Clement and Sabina for bringing the Bawa way of life, to life. The familiarity associated with Irani cafes intact! I had the pleasure of being invited by the effervescent chef and owner of Music and Mountains and a food blogger in hibernation, Parul Pratap, to sample the Navroz (Parsi spelling) delicacies.  The Spring Equinox as celebrated in many other cultures as the turning of a new leaf- a new life and yes, a year too. So there we were in good company Continue Reading

The Velvet Room Experience

As I sat sampling the oriental delicacies at the dimly lit ‘Lounge-Bar’, a young, not underage couple, crouched near the corner at the entrance, sampling the The Velvet Room experience …I suppose, cursing me for ruining their solitude together. What a way to start, but start we must. I am guessing this is the clientele that fills the two storeyed  neighbourhood pub eyes over weekends I am told, by the eager to please, Revathi, person attending to my table.  The Velvet Room has positioned itself on Dilli’s culinary map as a deluxe pub-next-door serving an Asian cuisine fare. Here’s what the spread looked like and also what I made if it! Raising the BarMy Basil syrup infused, albumin froth Continue Reading