Making The Right NOI(SE)

The Chanakya opens its doors to NOI, a contemporary high energy spirit bar The Insider was at the latest party hub, pub-a high energy bar at the plush Chankaya- Here are the deets!  Known for creating world class destinations, DLF today opened doors to its latest offering – NOI – the city’s first high energy […]

What’s in a Name-Pub, Lounge bar, Ristorante or Bistro?

A ristorante means an Italian restaurant, a bistro is an inexpensive eatery, a lounge bar is a ‘smarter and more comfortably furnished bar in a pub’; and  a resto bar is a restaurant that serves alcoholic drinks. Wait! I can explain this reference- many a times, these terms are used interchangeably, shamelessly to imply something else, […]

Time Travel to Heritage!

It’s a surreal experience- you find yourself in a 325 years old haveli amidst a super fast wifi; having just swerved off the main road into a bustling bazaar and swept off into the buland darwaza (notice the small letters) leading up to the sprawling, majestic boutique hotel-  Ramgarh Heritage!  This was going to be my staycation! I said to […]