Here’s How I Bleisure Travel – Tips to crack the travel code

I thankfully get many opportunities to indulge in bleisure as a travel enthusiast and a professional trainer. Now, what is Bleisure? Bleisure is a portmanteau of business and pleasure. Off on a business trip, you either extend the stay. Or you manage the days well to inject some sightseeing too! Here  are my mantras to crack the bleisure code. Think of it as a template for most of my business cum pleasure trips. Also, some pics from my recent trip to Kullu, Himachal. Visual Mapping Yeah! See your trip as a picture. Visualise your movements, expected time and plan. Look Continue Reading

Restart Your Career, Woman!

The convention hall was abuzz with women’s chatter. This was not just another day of catching up over coffee or listening to lectures. It was a day of meeting women intending to get back to work after a pause in their career. A day to be mentored by industry insiders. A face to face meeting with probable hirers! What I did there! As an itinerant #MilitaryWife , a trainer ( , writer and blogger- and a mentor for many such kindred souls, I get a lot of queries on how to sustain a career path and how to make it Continue Reading

Why No Response, is no Response?

So my FB post asking – Is no response, a response, got many of you thinking and responding –clearly a great response! Thank you for sharing yours – here’s mine. Disclaimer:  Clearly my copyright on the text and not the sentiment. Feel free to choose your decision. But here’re my reasons of why a response, is a must for a response! Context is King Unless of course you are a celebrity- a real one- and have a zillion trolls and fans in equal numbers- you obviously don’t have to respond to everyone. Also if you are well aware of the Continue Reading