Royal Rajasthan

Royal Rajasthan – Mehrangarh Fort

Royal Rajasthan’s heritage bijouterie flaunts some of the best forts. Did you know that the Mehrangarh Fort has been declared as a national geological monument, by the Geological Survey of India?   This is so because ‘at the foot of Mihirgarh or Fort of the Sun (Mehrangarh, Rajasthan) lies the Jodhpur Group- Malani Igneous Suite […]

What Hospitality Industry Needs to Improve Upon

With the advent of the concept of staycation and mini vacation, there’s no longer a need for a travel calendar for both, the customer or the hospitality industry. A concomitant of this trend has been the rise of the well heeled traveller- solo, family, friends – all varieties. This has also led to an increased […]

5 Must-Visit Delhi Heritage Sites with Kids!

No, I am not a mommy blogger or an expert in parenting issues. I am a parent, one who blogs about travel and loves exploring the heritage sites of the capital with my pre-teen!  I treat each holiday, weekend as a way to acquaint my son with new gems of architectural, historical an historic significance in and […]

Heritage, Fun and shopping- Tips to survive a Family Travel!

If you have been following me on Facebook and insta and also on Twitter… well what can I say, it’s the age of social media travel- you’ll know that I  ( make that a ‘We’ as the family travelled) have just had an amazing holiday in the foothills of Aravalli ranges surrounded by the sunny Udaipur! No […]