Writing for Blog and Print -5 Top Tips

I, as I am sure, many of you fellow bloggers reading this, get several queries on how to start, sustain and monetise a blog. Added to this is the fact that most of us bloggers also freelance with a few print magazine and newspapers too. I often get asked on how does one balance this and also, how are these two similar or different. Ta Da… my 5 tips on this … See my many Interests here… 🙂 Know Why You Write It’s not new for anyone to go on a bloggers’ meet and find a ‘micro-blogger’ or an ‘insta-blogger’. Not all, but some claim that people aren’t reading. Well Continue Reading

Sleeveless in the City No More!

While the fashion fraternity fulminates over the Bollywoodisation of fashion on the ramp- to which I agree, I have tried to focus on trends and not the person, in my posts.  Culling out a set of sleeves from the recently concluded ICW ’18, in the capital and Manish Malhotra’s Zween, Couture show in Mumbai. So, if you’re looking for Bollywood showstoppers in this post, please look elsewhere. The focus, this fashion season, is clearly on reinventing the sleeve, in all its forms and like how! From bell, ruffle, flounce, balloon to flared, the sleeve is having a fashion moment here! Have a see of sleeveless no more…. A Maiden’s Continue Reading

Smoothies Recipe by Hwealth Cafe

COFFEE & CINNAMON HI-PROTEIN POWER SMOOTHIE INGREDIENTS: (all solid units in kgs) (liquid measures in ml) Toned milk Vanilla protein powder 1 measure Coffee powder 1 tsp Cinnamon powder pinch Ice cubes medium METHOD: 220 ml 0.020 0.003 0.002 3 nos. 1. Combine all ingredients except cinnamon powder in a blender for about 40-50 seconds. 2. Pour into a glass. Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon powder on top mint spring & serve. CHOCO-PEANUT BUTTER HI-PROTEIN POWER SMOOTHIEINGREDIENTS: (all solid units in kgs) (liquid measures in ml) Toned milk Chocolate protein powder 1 measure Peanut butter 1 tbsp Ice cubes medium Continue Reading

Busting Probiotic Myths with Yakult!

In these challenging times, life is on a fast track with unbalanced diet, stress, lack of physical activity, irregular working hours and pollution, each one of these factors has taken its toll on our health. It is also a known fact that lifestyle disorders like obesity and diabetes and Non-Communicable Diseases like cancer are on the  rise. In an exclusive blogger familiarisation for select folk-Yakult, India, organised an information packed day, on all things Probiotics, at their Delhi Headquarters.  The Insider with Dr Neerja Hajela and fellow Bloggers  Why Probiotics? With a focus on ‘Prevention being better than Cure’ the spotlight is on good bacteria, or Probiotics”. Continue Reading

Dancing with Ruskin!

When you face a writer’s block, a good look and read of the Lone Fox Dancing, Speaking Tiger, Ruskin Bond’s autobiography will help you get over it. How? By reminding you that life’s simple pleasures are free and inspiration may just be round the corner. It is as much a traversing of his personal journey as it is a tracking of the writers’ life and pen. Perseverance, getting up when the chips are down and soaring higher, finding peace in solitude while yearning for companionship, loneliness in boyhood and solitude in adulthood as he puts it- all find sufficient ink in is book. Continue Reading