What’s cooking KFC?

He is feisty, he is entertaining, he is unapologetically confident and now he is in India! No, not Jim Carrey- but the indian version of Col Sanders, the founder of the fast food chain KFC.  A celebratory evening in the land of (I’d say, one of) the tastiest chicken in the world saw The Insider strutting at the […]

Cook the 5 Star Way!

Do away with ‘What to cook’ quandaries – The Insider curates a ready reckoner of recipes from chefs at Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay, Mamallapuram  for you! Read on and don your chef hats!  Pardewaali Murgh Hawah Mahal Ingredients Ingredient Qty Chicken 180 sms Butter 30 gms Garlic 10 gms Green Chilli 5 gms Black Pepper 1 tsp Salt To taste Besan […]

Of Hinduism, Political and Otherwise.

Before anything, read the critique of the book by Kancha Illiah in the Caravan. Essentially,  an evaluation of flaws in Tharoor’s conception of Hinduism- of which I am neither an authority nor an observer.   Why are you a Hindu?  Now to the book. Why I am a Hindu– Shashi Tharoor, – a compendium of the the author’s personal […]

Roy’s Non-Fictional Fiction!

Anyone who’s familiar with leading polemicist and political philosopher, Ms Roy’s non-fiction would have a strong opinion of her philanthropic and Marxist leanings- others merely label them humanistic. Her raising and supporting some of the most contentious issues of the nation- from sponsorship reservations of festivals to building dams to public lynchings- have stationed her in the eye of the storm consistently.  The wait […]

Dressing up for a Club…

‘Members only’ has, by nature an exclusionary connotation, whether we like it or not. This is not the first time a well known personality has written about being denied permission to enter an elite club.  As is customary, no opinion piece may proceed before the usual disclaimer- So, here, The text following the above, intends, in no way […]