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A Survival Guide to JLF ’20

Call me By Your Name, Won’t You?


Why Delhi Monsoons are the Best !

So Monsoons are upon us… Ok they are all over ..but Delhi Monsoons beat the hell out of everyplace’s else’s …sorry Kerala! Call me biased but here are my Delhi Monsoon favourites …am sure Delhities will agree! 1. The Roads Ok we love our potholes and clogged drains- But come…

Manish Malhotra in #Amazon India Couture Week Finale

THE EMPRESS STORY’ Collection will debut in Spring 2016 at the first Manish Malhotra Flagship Boutique in London and Dubai. The Empress Story The Empress Story- Intricate Embroidery The Empress Story- Detailing  ‘THE EMPRESS STORY’ is influenced by the designer’s passion for reviving centuries-old Indian craftsmanship in a design story…

Delhi Do’s and Do’s

The Insider brings you deets of must do’s in Delhi around this time!Paint not See and make! Where? Look below!! So the exhibition is still on… Learn: What? Craft! Walk in a Heelathon! When?-  6 August!  Go to TOT- Do the Wedding Swag! 

In the Pink City ‘Zone’!

So I was in the ‘Pink’ city to experience what’s new about yet another hotel there- Zone by The Park. Let’s begin from the beginning ! If ever there was a flying trip, this was it! Why? Imagine this! Supposed to take off on day 1 and return on day 2 the next day!…

Why I never say #AajKalKeBacche!

So we’ve become mothers- yes you and I as does half the world, all the time! I remember when I used to watch this advertisement the jingle of which kept strumming in my head till I couldn’t bear it…’Jab mein chotta bachha tha…) Uff get it out of your head…